Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Spring into Spain or Spain into Spring?

It was a wonderful four days with Elder and Sister Bednar and Elder Robert C. Oaks and his wife visiting the Spain Madrid Mission and staying in the mission home. They were delightful to have around. The entire mission benefitted from the talks that we heard and the spirit that we felt. I know the missionaries will consider the "revelatory experience" we had with Elder Bednar a highlight of their entire lives. Who knew you could spend 3 hours discussing D & C 44:1-2? The Spirit was an amazing teacher. As Elder Bednar said, "It's not ME!"
The month of April brought a few opportunities and changes. We had 16 amazing missionaries leave for their homes. We miss them incredibly. But, that same day we had 10 more missionaries full of faith and enthusiasm take their places. (In reality, no one can take their place, but these 10 are doing their best and making their own place!)

Then came a wonderful zone leaders' meeting with 12 of the most wonderful missionaries serving as our zone leaders - with 2 amazing assistants, Elder Jacobs and Elder Jackson.

(L to R: E. Nicoll, E. Haynie, E. McBride, E. Smith, E. Miller, E. Meline, E. Jacobs, Hna., Pte., E. Jackson, E. Finlay, E. Zollinger, E. Coley, E. Goodrich, E. Vause, E. Blood) We expect great things this transfer!!
We also had time for a little fun. The Templo Zone came to the mission home for a preparation day and we all hiked up to the Summit....It was a beautiful day!!! Then we had a BBQ with chili dogs and chips. We had so much fun.

But, it's all about the people. This is a wonderful little family baptized in April. David, Carina, Sebastian and Dean Gordillo are from Ecuador. We were able to go to a lesson with the missionaries and teach them. They are sooooooo happy. Needless to say, so are we - as well as Elder Scoville and Elder Sewell!

The family is doing least from what we can tell. Jen is busy going to school and working at BYU. She is living at home with David and Crissi who are expecting our No. 2 granddaughter in May. David finished BYU this month and is working at the UCCU. Becca and Ryan are in school at BYU and enjoying the spring/summer activities. Melissa and Ryan are enjoying the sun in Arizona where Ryan is pursuing a summer internship and Melissa is working about 7 part-time jobs. Ryan and Shanna are in LA working and enjoying our beautiful little Kenna. Look at her latest trick! It's almost more fun listening to her mom and dad!

So, Spring is trying to come to Spain. My next quest is a photo of all the red poppies. They are beauuuuuuutiful!! Stay tuned...............