Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fall has fallen.....

Hola! We did attend the Mission Presidency Area Training in Germany in August. It was such a great experience to be with 36 other mission president couples plus Elder Perry, Elder Rasband and Bishop Burton. They are such inspired men and really are in tune with missionary work, espeically here in Europe.

Fall has come with a lot happening in the mission. September and October have been full of sick missionaries and little fires and emergencies to handle. Hopefully, we have shown the compassion and love these missionaries and our own family deserve.

We have had a little time to continue to see parts of this beautiful country. On a recent trip to Alcala we stopped to see the birthplace of Cervantes, the author of Don Quixote. Alcala is a lovely little city about 40 minutes east of Madrid. There is a beautiful plaza and lots of people. There is a university so there are lots of students-- that's where BYU's Study Abroad Program is located. Brad is the ultimate in making contacts, but I don't think Don was listening.

Another day sets in the beautiful country of Espana....................

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