Tuesday, January 24, 2012

LaJolla Groves

January 11, 2012

My mom, Barbara Fitzgerald Hulme, and I try to spend some time together every week. My mom doesn't drive any more so I get to be her chauffer sometimes. Today we met some of her friends at LaJolla Groves in Provo for lunch. These friends are people we knew from California who have transplanted to Utah and still enjoy getting together and reminiscing. They have know each other for almost 40 years! I know alot of these children so it was fun for me to see them and catch up on old times.

LaJolla Groves is a fun place to eat. The place is decorated really cute -- even with lemons on the trees in the middle of winter. I had a yummy shrimp pasta.

Funny story: My purse dumped out under the table and I didn't notice that my make-up bag had fallen out until 2 days later. I called them on the 14th and they had found it! I was so happy.

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